Recruiting then and now

Run Ashore in Hong Kong


Field Gun Montage


Welcome Home

RN Telescope

Leather bound, 42'' long, locking shutter one end, fixing for tripod.

Have you ever seen one in use? Could be WWI vintage as used by signalmen on bridge

What Rig of the day is this ?

Guest Book of HMS BRONINGTON signed by

HRH The Prince of Wales

Lawrence Croker, Spalding RNA donating photographs of the sinking of the Graf Spee in Montevideo 17th December 1939. The pictures were given to Lawrence by his father Peter who in turn had them left to him by his brother Victor Croker who served on HMS HOOD during WWII.

Terry Day, Spalding RNA Branch Secretary donates his kitbag and other items of kit to the museum & Mike Smith.

The museum has recently received some additional material relating to this famous battle which will be on display here & in the museum soon. In the meantime those who would like to learn more about this event should consider purchasing "The Battle Of The River Plate" published by 'Frontline Books' ISBN: 978-1-47387-895-2

A review of the book will be shown soon.

Please note that these pictures have been digitally enhanced for the website.

The originals will be on display in the museum


 And you thought that H.M.S. Mercury was in

 Hampshire. No I did not take it off the A 3, Ken Sutton who runs the museum at H.M.S. Collingwood kindly donated the sign to MMM as they have no room for it. Plus he has sent other items to us as well.

We had Swaffham R.N.A here on the 4th July, City of Ely 16th July and about 25 member from the Suffolk branch of the H.M.S. Ganges will be here on Friday 21st so we have been busy. A report & photos to follow.


The Queen God Bless Her

Royal On Parade

Royal Marine Colour Party

Royal Marine Band

Makes you want to sign on !

Portsmouth Division Colour Party

Page from an Artificers note book

Signalling Lamp off HMS IVESTON, Ton Class Minesweeper

Tot Time

Field Gun Model

Remembrance Corner

A Compass Scuttle

Model Cannon as seen on HMS VICTORY

Knot Boards made by the late CPO Tom Long DSM who also served in the SOE during WWII

Original WWI Silk Embroidery depicting HMS King George V

Malta Corner

This section will evoke many a memory for those who served on this station or visited during their RN careerer


King Edward VII Class

Gun Tompion & Hat Tally from HMS Hindustan

(see also in Testimonials)

Parang hand-crafted by the Dyak people of North Borneo

Today's navy. Type 45 HMS DARING

HMS DIOMEDE showing cut-away area so that visiting school children can see how the ships company lived during this era
20 Spithead Fleet Review Commemorative Mugs 1977


'Fags' when they were 2/6 for 100 to us old sailors

Who was

M.W. Haydon RN?

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An 1827 Pattern Naval Officers Sword

Markings on the blade read Wilkinson then on the other side it is signed Greaves, Mathew & Seagrave

WWI Naval Silks

"Tot Time" Up Spirits
Leading Hands Of Messes Muster For Rum Issue

Walkers Patent Log

Measures speed through the water entirely by mechanical process

De-Activated Royal Enfield 303. Ex Ganges boys may well remember doubling up & down Laundry Hill with the rifle above their heads at 2:00 in the morning

Royal Canadian Navy Drummer