Cat-O'-Nine Tails

In 2003 a detachment of Royal Marines captured Saddam Hussein's palace.

The picture you see (copy) above of the dictator was liberated and signed by the Royals. One of the detachment was the then Corporal Jamie Lennon, now a Sergeant, who signed the portrait. He is centre on the group photo.

 Display Board showing tools and documents used by dockyard personnel at Southampton Docks

A Ships Telegraph.

This is a reproduction model but works and sounds like the real thing

The item above was presented to Rear Admiral DJ Mackenzie who was Flag Officer Gibraltar January 1981 to January 1983.

During this posting the Admiral was responsible for seeing that the ships that had been assembled for service in the Falklands conflict were properly manned & equipped.

A very popular officer especially during the intense time of the Falklands war. He was awarded the CB in 1983.

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