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M W Haydon Mystery


Latest News - A lady who lives in Ely spotted the picture of the RN Officers Hat Box while browsing the website. She contacted Mike & related the following.

Maurice Willoughby HAYDON was my great great grandfather. He was a Surgeon Cdr on the 1st October 1917 leaving the RN as a Surgeon Captain in 1924. He served on HMS GALATEA (see separate info below) at the Battle Of Jutland.



GALATEA was a light cruiser/destroyer leader who, with sister ship PHAETON,  first reported the German ships at Jutland when they spotted two of their destroyers intercepting the Danish trader Fjord  who was peacefully transiting the piece of ocean that hours later became the battleground.


GALATEA received the first hits in the engagement from the German cruiser Elbing. She had earlier (4 May) shot down the Zeppelin L7 – a considerable feat, given the lack of AA gun direction at that period


Courtesy of 'Google' & Peter Down


Navy News September 2016