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Profile of Mike Smith



Boy 1st Class on B Turret


Details of Mike's RN Service Youngest Boy Seaman to join HMS GANGES - age 14 years, 11 months, 6 days HMS DIAMOND 1956 - 1957. Suez, USA, Copenhagen escorting the Royal Yacht Trained in Gunnery HMS CAMBRIDGE Ranges, Whale Island HMS DELIGHT - Malta - Musketry & Landing Parties HM Submarine TIPTOE (4 inch gun) as Leading Seaman - developed hearing problem so back to General Service 1961 saw Mike at sea on HMS DEVONSHIRE as QM and I/C of the Sea Slug magazine when at Action Stations. HMS MANXMAN - Malta then crash draft to HMS MADDISTON M1164 (the forgotten Ton) towed to Aden Mike left RN late 1964 as a Leading Seaman Quarters Armourer Class 1 while at HMS GANGES assisting with Instruction in the Gunnery school, and after several years in industry, started his own engineering fabrication company. This enterprise was successful, both in the UK and in export markets,eventually employing over fifty staff. He retired 2009 and he and Jo concentrated on their interest in the museum and fund-raising for selected charities. Jo and Mike have also appeared on national television. In 2001 Mike and his daughter Mel were competitors in the "Generation Game" with Jim Davidson. Mike met a surprise guest; his namesake CPO Mike Smith, a Survey Recorder. They had corresponded, but never met, for some fourteen years since Mike 1 had requested for the Museum ship's badge of HMS GLEANER, where Mike 2 was coxswain. In 2010 Mike and Jo appeared in "Bargain Hunt" with Tim Wonnacott. Mike took full advantage of the TV opportunities to promote the museum and its charity fund raising activities. In 2014 parties of sailors based at RAF MARHAM, where they are honing their specialist skills in meteorology prior to joining the new aircraft carriers HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH and PRINCE of WALES, visited the museum on several occasions to assist with repairs and maintenance.

June 2006

Mike & Maintenance

HMS Kirkliston in dry dock.

The model was donated by Mark Bruce son-in-law of the original owner

 November  2018

 Next year, 2019, will see Mike achieve a significant birthday milestone. Jo, his good lady wife, has

 presented him with a superb early present.

 The Royal Yacht Britannia was built by Roy Cragg who also constructed the models of HM Ships

 Decoy & Manchester plus the RFA on display in the museum.

 This model is some 5 feet long with a beam of 12 inches and 26 inches from keel to mast top. It also

 carries the Queens Rolls Royce on the weather deck (not seen).

 Below - An ode written by Mike when at HMS Ganges the 'Boys' training establishment.

Leading Seaman Mike Smith & his Oppo Able Seaman Mike Foskett, his Bosun’s Mate, enjoying a pint in the Lennox pub, Portsmouth 1963

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