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FITTLETON stateboard on Permanent Loan to TCA from RN Patrol Service Museum


Left to right:

Alf Muffet (curator RN Patrol Museum)

TCA Hon. Sec. Peter Down

Leo Whisstock (National Secretary RNPS)

 The Ashore/On Board stateboard has had an interesting history having been rescued from the hulk of HMS FITTLETON when  it was returned to Chatham. It had been at the bottom of the North Sea when the ship capsized and sank following

a collision with HMS MERMAID on the 20th September 1976 (see full details on the TCA website


 The back of the board has a pencil inscription "Curzon Job No 2/846, which suggests that it may be a 'rabbit' made in a dockyard during a refit. As the antiques people say, this proves the 'provenance' of the item.


 The stateboard had been donated to the RNPS Museum by Philip Eason of

Shoreham on Sea, where Fittleton/Curzon was based, he had served in the

RN and RNR and his father, who had also been a CPO in the RN, had been

a ship keeper to Sussex RNR unit. Together they slipped Fittleton when she

departed on that fateful voyage. Father had gone to Chatham when the hulk

returned to salvage any usable naval stores from her and found the

stateboard jammed under the Loop Reel. He also recovered the ensign from

the staff which had been snapped off by the collision but which was luckily still

aboard, caught up in the debris on the sweep deck.


 The TCA has placed the stateboard for safekeeping with the collection of

Ton Class memorabilia at the Marshland Maritime Museum, where it will join

Fittleton's ensign which Philip Eason had donated to Marshlands in 2013.

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This is a very interesting item of ex Royal Naval ships equipment.
A Hydraulic Rudder Control Unit from a RN Mine Counter Measure Ship.
Thought to be from the 1970/80s period but not 100% certain (so if you know better please get in touch) this type of rudder control unit is used to aid the ship in maintaining an almost static position above its target area.
The control unit was manufactured by "Keellavite Hydraulics of Coventry " who supplied the RN by the PBA who had a major contract with the navy. The company finished trading a number of years ago

Deltic Engine Starter






Painting used to illustrate the cover of 'Last of the Wooden Walls'


Refurbishment of an OROPESA

Unofficial 'Sweep' flag of HMS GAVINTON

Doreen & TCA Hon. Sec. Peter Down on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Peter was instrumental in suggesting that this website be set-up & has been the source of supplying material from the museum for its construction.

Ton Class Association Publications

A superb working model of a TON Winch

Lifebuoy from HMS Stubbington donated by Commodore Steve Kirby who was CO of the ship as a Lt/Cdr

The Ton Class Minesweeper commanded by HRH Prince Charles

On the left a 3D drawing of a Ton with views of the Sweepdeck under.

Above a Cut-Away drawing of a Ton converted for diving purposes.

To the right diagrams of sweeping techniques.

RN Aldis Lamp ex HMS Iveston

M314 Alta. Not a 'Ton' but the Norwegian equivalent

 A Selection of Ton Class Cap Tallies

 Ton Class Labels

 The HMS ABDIEL ships badge & photograph

 have been kindly donated by an ex CO of the

 ship Jim Merrett 1982 - 1984.

 The Abdiel is at anchor somewhere south of

 Lorient with the NATO Squadron which

 consisted of 2 German, one Hunt, one

 Belgium, 2 Dutch & a Dane rafted alongside.

"Door Cover'' donated by "Forever Jack"

See Links Page to visit their website

 Signal Lamp from HMS IVESTON

Check with TCA Stores Officer for availability



 Ten Little Sweepers looking for  a mine one got a contact and then there were NINE.

 Nine little sweepers all rather late. One tried 20 knots and then there were EIGHT.

 Eight little sweeper, one went to heaven (Alias Bangkok)  and then there were SEVEN.

 Seven little sweepers doing lots of tricks. One tried a transfer and then there were SIX.

 Six little sweepers C.D.s set to dive. One found a mermaid and then there were FIVE.

 Five little sweepers playing at war. One hit a sand bank and then there were FOUR.

 Four little sweepers in a stiff breeze. One turned turtle and then there were THREE.

 Three little sweepers   sailing in the blue. One hit another one and then there were TWO.

 Two little sweepers shooting off a gun. One dropped an ammo box and then there was ONE

 One little sweeper sailing on and on. That green *$^%~@ was  PUNCHESTON


 We wish them better luck in the Middle East



The Museum has obtained a number of souvenir books relating to the Inshore Flotilla. They are scanned copies of Flotilla newsletters & photographs.

Due to the age and condition of these books only limited reproduction is possible for display on this site. However they can be viewed by researchers and other interested parties by prior arrangement.


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Members of a Ton Crew ? Anyone recognise themselves ?

 A superb collection of Ton Class Cap Tallies

 These have been collected over a long period of time by TCA member Brian Mitchell who has kindly donated them to the museum.