Uniforms & Badges

On the left members of the Royal Marine Band


On the right The 'Sin Bosun' the affectionate name given to an RN Padre


 The framed picture you see on the left is

 of HMS Bulwark. It was donated by Lt

 Cdr Rachael Rake who is serving on

 board the ship as an Engineering


 Rachael visited the museum while she

 was in the village seeing her grandfather

 who was a 'stoker' in the days of coal

 driven ships.

 Alongside the painting is a mannequin

 dressed as a Lt Cdr in Mess Evening

 Wear (Mess Undress) as a compliment to

 Rachael and her generosity.

On the left 'Jack' with a gun a dangerous object. Dressed in the Rig of a 1950/60s Leading Seaman he is holding a Lee Enfield .303 Rifle with a No 4 MkII plug bayonet. On his belt a No 9 MkI knife bayonet with scabbard.

On the right we have Mike's submarine rig of Submariners & Small Ships Jumper and Sea Socks. Mike points out the beard isn't his.


Gangway Sentry

Not this good in my day

German Sailor

Lieutenant RN Dress Uniform

Royal Marine Bandsman

Lt RN WWII Uniform as worn by Lt Arthur Hares RN during the Battle of the Atlantic

Various RN Headgear over the ages

RN Sweetheart Badges

 The White No 6 uniform has

 been donated by ex CPO

 Eddie Shaw who served from 1947 to 1971.

 His ships included the

 Warrior, Rapid, Wilton, St

 Kitts, Loch Fyne, Dundas,

 Jupiter and as Coxswain of

 HMS Dartington in the Far

 East 1963-64

 The Blue No 1 uniform has

 been donated by ex Chief

 FAA Mech Jack Williams who

 served for 22 years.

 His ships included the

 Old HMS Ark Royal, Hermes

 and the Naval Air Base on

 Malta Hal Far


Royal Navy


Three badge Petty Officer GI

(Gunnery Instructor)

The model on the right depicts a sailor in his working rig commonly known as No 8s.

You can see he is about to 'splice' the rope hanging over his shoulder & he will be using his 'Pussers Dirk' seen around his waist.

As he comes from Norfolk the CO of HMS Subbington Commodore Steve Kirby,then a Lt Cdr, allowed him to sport his Norfolk City scarf.