The WWII Story of William 'Wat' Tyler

Ex WREN Radio Operator (RO) Sue Hutchings made a planned visit to the museum with her friend Bob Tyler.
Bob's father, William 'Wat' Tyler, was a signalman during World War 2 and Bob wanted somewhere to donate all of his fathers personal items to somewhere where they would be valued & looked after.
He had brought with him his fathers wartime suitcase which when opened was like revealing the contents of Aladdin’s Cave.
As well as serving at various shore establishments and on Russian Convoys Wat spent a year at a Royal Navy signal station in Murmansk, Northern Russia.
Below are various photographs of items from Wat's collection that have been donated to the museum


Signalman William 'Wat' Tyler

Wat also spent most of 1945 in Australia stationed at HMS Golden Hind which was the Pacific Fleet Transit Camp.

 Wat, a Signalman, did his basic training at HMS Impregnable the Signal School at St Budeaux, Plymouth and as a Chatham rating he also spent time at HMS Pembroke.

Bob Tyler & Mike Smith unveil a mannequin wearing Wat Tyler's uniform & medals.

William Alfred 'Wat' Tyler

Signalman JX225358

1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Defence Medal, 1939-45 War Medal, Arctic Star


Russian Convoy 50th Anniversary Medal

Additional photographs & information about Wat can be seen by visiting

the website for the Comms museum at HMS Collingwood who have more items on display from the Wat Tyler collection. Some of the items on display are originals while others are copies of material held at the Marshland Maritime Museum. This arrangement is with the approval of Wat's son Bob Tyler.

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