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The pictures you see below depict places visited, dignitaries visiting and other events photographed during the cruise. To see the full contents visit the museum and ask to see the "World Cruise of the British Special Service Squadron 1923 - 1924" Album

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 Crossing The Line Ceremony The line-crossing ceremony is an initiation rite in various navies that commemorate a sailor's first crossing of the Equator. Equator-crossing ceremonies, typically features King Neptune, is a ritual in which previously inducted crew members are organized into a "Court of Neptune" to induct the 'Slimy' victims into "the mysteries of the Deep". Physical hardship, in keeping with the spirit of the initiation, is tolerated, and each victim is expected to endure a standard initiation rite The transition flows from established order to controlled "chaos" All of the uninitiated, once the ceremony is complete, receives a certificate declaring his new status.

 Ceremony of 'Crossing The Line'

 Neptune's Police

 King Neptune On HMS DELHI

King Neptune's Bears

Rear Admiral Brand (on right) and Captain Pipon RN after their 'Crossing the Line' investiture.

The good captain doesn't look best pleased.

Another Royal Navy Tradition


When visiting a foreign port the ships company entertain local children on board.

The style has changed over the years but it used to consist of Jack dressing up in Pirate rig, rides on hastily constructed equipment and of course soft drinks, jelly and cakes.

All pictures taken onboard HMS Repulse, mainly in Cape Town but one in Vancouver, Canada.
Pre Health & Safety days ;-)

A random selection of photographs follows

To appreciate the full extent of this remarkable album visit the museum

Crew in Tropical Rig

Visitors at Fremantle

Visitors at Melbourne

HMS HOOD Concert Party

Never Miss An Opportunity


One for the 'Clankys' (Engine Room Staff) Cruiser Boiler room Control


Run Ashore with Local Hunters

Engine Room Staff Run Ashore

And Last But Not Least
Tot Time

The Museum has obtained a number of souvenir books relating to the visit to Australia, Singapore and Canada by the Special Service Squadron during 1924.

Due to the age and condition of these books only limited reproduction is possible for display on this site. However they can be viewed by researchers and other interested parties by prior arrangement.