WWII Coastal Forces

Able Seaman Lamont and Lt Cdr Peter Scott MBE, DSC & Bar, RNVR


MTB 234

Commanding Officer Lt Peter Dickens DSO, MBE, DSC (later Captain & CO of HMS DELIGHT when Mike served on board). MTB 234 launched 1941, Vosper Type 72'6". Stricken Post War. Photo taken June 1942

Lt Peter Dickens with his crew preparing for Night Action

I, Mike Smith, managed to contact relatives of Lt Peter Dickens and what follows are copies of correspondence between us.

Ancestors of the writer Charles Dickens the family have given generations of service to the country and the Royal Navy.


Dear Mr Smith,

  Your letter has been passed on to me from my cousin Ian Dickens. Peter Dickens was my father (and Ian’s uncle) and I was very touched by what you wrote about him. As a child you never really know that much about your parents, but I knew he was something special by the turnout at his funeral when he died at the early age of 69. So many people have said so many kind things about him and I am very lucky to have had him as my father.

  I joined the Royal Navy aged 18 and have just retired after 27 years service, initially in submarines until I unfortunately lost the use of my right eye when I was the executive officer of a nuclear submarine. Sadly I never commanded my own vessel but I retired as a Commander having spent the last ten years of my career in intelligence.

  I have had a quick look through my father’s papers for some memento of his time in HMS Delight and have found a small crest which may have been part of a leaving present to him. I cannot remember seeing one so small when I was serving so I think it must have been made specially – maybe you know more ? Anyway I would be very honoured if you would like to have it as part of your collection.

Wishing you all the best

Yours sincerely

Mark Dickens